Trump Campaign Scrubs Brad Parscale From Its Website After Police Incident

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The Trump campaign has quietly removed mentions of Brad Parscale from its website this week.

President Donald Trump’s campaign reportedly has quietly removed mentions of former campaign manager Brad Parscale from its website after Parscale’s weekend incident with police that saw him involuntarily hospitalized.

  • According to The Daily Beast, “Since Tuesday, the campaign has removed a video of Parscale from the homepage of its “Army for Trump” election monitoring operation” and also “deleted a page on the main campaign website featuring a video of Parscale and Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and senior campaign adviser.”

One Trump campaign page discussing the event with Lara Trump remained online as of Wednesday morning. After The Daily Beast flagged it in a comment request sent to the campaign, that page was removed as well.

  • The Daily Beast reported that the Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment seeking to clarify Parscale’s role with the campaign.

The apparent effort to scrub Parscale from campaign web properties comes in the wake of a police incident outside his home on Sunday. According to the police report, Parscale’s wife called authorities to report that he was threatening to commit suicide, had loaded a firearm in front of her, and had physically assaulted her during a prior domestic dispute.

  • Also noted in the report is scrutiny over Parscale’s role in the 2020 campaign, and in particular the “tens of millions of dollars in funds spent through entities owned, run, or otherwise tied to Parscale.”

In June, the Trump campaign reportedly initiated an internal audit to determine whether he had mispent significant amounts of campaign money.

That scrutiny has also targeted Parscale’s personal life and his increasingly lavish spending on homes, boats, and sports cars. Parscale and the campaign have consistently denied that he misspent campaign money or used it for personal gain.

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