Trump Campaign Instructs NC Officials To Ignore Election Ballot Rules

Screengrab / Fox Business / YouTube


An email from the Trump campaign instructed local election officials in North Carolina to ignore new ballot procedures.

The Trump campaign wrote an email to some of North Carolina’s 100 local election offices telling officials to ignore a new rule on processing some votes in the state, per the Associated Press.

  • Trump campaign operative Heather Ford wrote in the email: “The NC Republican Party advises you to not follow the procedures.”

In North Carolina, where Black voters were sending in a disproportionate number of ballots with errors, the Board of Elections settled a lawsuit with a voting rights group making it easier for voters to fix mistakes.

  • The GOP sued to block the settlement, and on Thursday, the Democrat-majority state Board of Elections told counties to stop using the new method pending the result of upcoming court hearings.
  • “The email urging defiance was a small glimpse at the unusually aggressive, hyperlocal legal strategy the Trump campaign is activating as voting begins," the AP noted.

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