Trump Campaign Demands Media Stop Saying Protesters Were Tear-Gassed

Screengrab / KPIX CBS SF Bay Area / YouTube


The Trump campaign is playing semantics, claiming reporting is flawed because a chemical similar to tear gas was used.

President Donald Trump’s campaign issued a statement on Tuesday demanding that news outlets “correct or retract” reports that peaceful protesters near the White House were tear-gassed ahead of Trump’s photo op at St. John’s Church on Monday.

The statement noted U.S. Park Police claims that it was not tear gas used to remove protesters and instead was another type of substance.

Local news reporter Nathan Baca of WUSA9 was but one journalist to report on the type of canisters found amid the chaos, which WUSA9 reported is not much different from tear gas.

The law enforcement that cleared the area did use a type of gas that produces similar symtpoms [sic] as tear gas, called Oleoresins Capiscum, or "OC" for short.

The specific product used is a CM Skat Shell made by Defense Technology that "is widely used as a crowd management tool for the rapid and broad deployment of chemical agent," according to the company's website.

The OC gas causes the same tears and tight breath as tear gas, and comes out green.

Social media users were quick to comment that the type of substance used does not negate outrage over the use of such chemicals on peaceful protesters.


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