Trump Campaign Accused Of Wire Fraud By Former White House Counsel

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"A well-known former special counsel is accusing the Trump campaign of engaging in “wire fraud."

A well-known former special counsel, along with another well-known attorney, has accused the Trump campaign of “wire fraud,” according to The New Civil Rights Movement.

  • The report notes that Norm Eisen “is a former White House Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform, a former U.S. ambassador, and served as a counsel for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment of President Donald Trump.”

  • Eisen’s wire fraud allegation came in response to a tweet from former Obama White House Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri.

  • The tweet included “a screenshot of a text that purportedly is from the Trump campaign, specifically saying it is from Donald Trump Jr.”

“My father asked me to text you. He reached out to 100 patriots to join the Trump 100 Club. You’re the ONLY 1 who didn’t join. Join NOW,” it reads, followed by a URL that links to a Republican fundraising site, WinRed.

  • Eisen responded tweeting, “This is 18 USC 1343 wire fraud by Trump campaign.”

  • Well-known attorney George Conway, who is also the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, chimed in agreeing with Eisen’s legal opinion, writing: “Fraud involving money isn’t protected by the First Amendment, even when it’s practiced during a political campaign.”

Other Twitter users posted similar text message screenshots.

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Bhavik Grover
Bhavik Grover

At this point, nothing even surprises me anymore about Trump.

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