Trump Calls For Whitmer's Imprisonment A Week After She Was Almost Kidnapped

William James

Trump is the leading inciter of terrorism in the United States, if not the world.
  1. Trump is probably the leading inciter of terrorism in the U.S., if not the world.

  2. The technical term for what he does is 'stochastic terrorism'.

  3. By inciting his supporters against his 'enemies', Trump makes the likelihood of violence against them greater.

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Whitmer should clearly be thrown out of office. At this juncture I don't think jail is a proper venue. In truth, I think people are venting their rage that Hillary has NOT been locked up, but they'll settle for Whitmer as a fitting substitute. As a resident of Michigan, I don't care for Whitmer's executive over reach, nor her blowing off a ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court. If she's too good to follow the law, then maybe the average citizen doesn't need to follow the law either. It seems that she brings on her own bad karma, as it were.


oh please - get me the fuck off this stupid site. Your fascists need to be put to sleep. period.


If whitmer was a man, they wouldn't have tried to kidnap her. This is sasquatch fetishism, where weak guys fantasize about grabbing woman off the street and doing whatever they want to them.

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