Trump, Breitbart, And Fox News Want Kris Kobach To Be Next DHS Secretary

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The "Immigration Czar" hopeful is notorious for his harsh stance on illegal immigration.

Former Secretary of State of Kansas Kris Kobach is hoping to use his connections with Breitbart News to snag the Secretary of Homeland Security position recently vacated by Kirstjen Neilsen.

Breitbart has begun working hard to endorse Kobach, who just so happens to write for the right-wing news organization, The Daily Beast reports. Kobach made an appearance Monday morning on SiriusXM Patriot's "Breitbart News Daily" with the intention of convincing Trump that he is the best pick for the position.

I don’t think the department, under her leadership, was doing the things that should have been done months ago to resolve our immigration problems," he told listeners.

In the past week alone, Breitbart has published four exclusive stories on Kobach. On April 5, he told the news site that he would "certainly consider" taking on the role of Trump's "Immigration Czar" if he is tapped by the president. Last week, Kobach also made an appearance on Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight—one of Trump's favorite programs to watch. As the first part of his three-part plan on illegal immigration, he stated that he would enforce a regulation that allows officials to detain children "as long as necessary."

He then proposed putting entire migrant families into camps for "processing" procedures.

“I would deploy the thousands of FEMA trailers, either to border cities or to military bases in Texas and Arizona and set up processing centers,” he said. “Instead of just turning loose these bogus asylum applicants on to the American streets never to be seen again.”

Lastly, he said he would threaten to prevent immigrants from sending wire transfers between the U.S. and Mexico.

But even his fellow Republicans and statesmen express concern for the potential promotion of Kris Kobach, who is notorious for his strict view on immigration, McClatchy DC reports.

“Don’t go there. We can’t confirm him,” whispered Kansas GOP senator and Republican Pat Roberts to a reporter for The Kansas City Star when asked about Kobach on Tuesday. “I never said that to you,” he added, though another reporter was present and The Star did not agree to have a conversation off-record.

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