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New Yorkmagazine’s Daily Intelligencer reports that in a July 9 interview with Sean Hannnity, President Donald J. Trump expressed pride in his ability to pass the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a screening instrument used to detect signs of mild cognitive impairment.

Trump said,

I actually took one when I, uh, very recently, when I was, uh, when I was—you know the radical left was saying, “Is he all there? Is he all there?” And I proved I was all there ‘cause I aced it, I aced the test, and he should take the same exact test, a very standard test at Walter Reed Medical Center. I took it in front of doctors, and they were very surprised. They said, “That’s an unbelievable thing, very rarely do people do what you just did.”

  • Although Trump describes the test, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, as having happened “very recently,” he took the test in 2018, about two and a half years ago.
  • Trump said he “aced it.” The Dementia Services and Information Centre explains that any score of less than 26 out of 30 suggests cognitive impairment.
  • The Atlantic reported at the time that the assessment asks the test taker to perform tasks such as knowing the date and where you are, describing what a bicycle and train have in common, and identifying pictures of animals. Such tasks receive six, one, and three points respectively.
  • The Intelligencer also asserts that there is cause to “question” the results of the test because White House physician Ronny Jackson was the source for the reports.
  • In 2018, Jackson told reporters that Trump was “very sharp” and was “very articulate when he” spoke to Jackson.
  • Since 2018, Jackson has come under scrutiny for “behaving like other loyalists looking for repayment from Trump,” the Intelligencer asserts.
  • For example, in a Tweet Jackson asserted that there were “Deep State traitors” in the government, repeating a conspiracy theory claiming entrenched bureaucrats impede Trump for political reasons.

Both Trump and Jackson have suggested that Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, should also take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Each asserted, whether implicitly or explicitly, that Biden would not be able to pass.

Jackson Tweeted in February 2020,

Remember the cognitive test I gave @realDonaldTrump? The one he aced! Sounds like somebody else might need some testing done!! Scary!!

Trump Tweeted on July 2,

He cannot pass the test I “aced”. He should give it a try!!!

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