Trump Attacks Lindsey Graham As Anti-Troop After Graham Criticizes Syria Exit

@realdonaldtrump / Twitter

Trump has attacked Graham via Twitter following support for a congressional resolution against withdrawal from Syria.

On Thursday, Senator Lindsey Graham expressed a “sense of the Senate” supporting maintenance of U.S. military activities in Syria, according to McClatchyDC. The move by Graham goes against Trump in line with his support for a congressional resolution placing blame for the Khashoggi murder on the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

President Trump took his response to Twitter stating:

“So hard to believe that Lindsey Graham would be against saving soldier lives & billions of $$$. Why are we fighting for our enemy, Syria, by staying & killing ISIS for them, Russia, Iran & other locals? Time to focus on our Country & bring our youth back home where they belong!”

Graham told various news sources that he is questioning Trump’s judgment in national security decisions and responded via Twitter.

“It is not FAKE NEWS that Russia, Iran, and (Syrian president Bashir al-)Assad are unhappy about our decision to withdraw from Syria. They are ECSTATIC!”

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Kim Shaheen
Kim Shaheen

Last week you said ISIS was defeated