Following her call for the president to resign, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) found herself in the crosshairs of Trump's Twitter account Tuesday morning. After attacking the women who renewed their charges Monday that he sexually assaulted them, Trump tweeted that Gillibrand "came begging" for money and "would do anything" to receive his campaign contributions.

President Trump forcefully entered the national debate about sexual harassment on Tuesday, again dismissing his own accusers as fabricating their stories and saying that a prominent Democratic senator, a woman, “would do anything” for campaign contributions and calling her a “lightweight.”

Gillibrand responded to the president with a tweet of her own, saying:

"You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office."

Ms. Gillibrand was the first Democratic senator to publicly say that Mr. Franken should resign, and she has been a leading voice on Capitol Hill against sexual harassment of women.

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Trump is a vile, disgusting pig.