Trump Attacks Colombia’s President, Saying “He’s Done Nothing For Us”

Colombian President Ivan Duque MarquezInter-American Dialogue / CC-BY-2.0 / Flickr

Trump has sought to turn the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin American into enemies.

The Washington Examiner reports that on Friday, Trump criticized Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez because Duque “has done nothing for us.” Specifically, Trump was referencing the reduction of illegal drug shipments. Duque visited Washington in February and hosted Vice President Mike Pence later that month.

"I'll tell you something: Colombia, you have your new president of Colombia, really good guy. I've met him, we had him at the White House. He said how he was going to stop drugs. More drugs are coming out of Colombia right now than before he was president — so he has done nothing for us," Trump told reporters.

Duque, who took office in August, offered statistics to Trump last month which suggested progress in anti-cocaine efforts.

"In the first four months of our administration, we have eradicated 60,000 hectares — more than was eradicated in the previous eight months," Duque told Trump. "We have a goal — and we will commit to that goal — because it is our moral duty to have Colombia free of illegal crops and free of narco-trafficking. We have to deliver."

Still, Trump showed his impatience when Duque visited.

"I wouldn’t say that, at this moment, you’re ahead of schedule. But hopefully you will be at — sometime in the near future," Trump said in February.

Trump did not threaten to cut U.S. foreign aid to Colombia but attacked Duque immediately after his announcement that aid to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala were cut off due to their lack of action to stop migrant caravans.