Trump Associate Felix Sater Allegedly Swindled Holocaust Survivors

Bloomberg has published a bombshell story about members of the criminal underworld and their connections to President Donald Trump. Among the many ne’er do wells in the President’s orbit, one name stands out: Felix Sater.

Mr. Sater is implicated in a whole array of crimes stretching from Russia to the United States.

He is alleged to have perpetrated grotesque frauds, like allegedly targeting Holocaust survivors with financial scams. Russian Intelligence allegedly aided him in some of his alleged swindles.

President Trump claims to have never met Mr. Sater, even though, it is reported that they have met a number of times and even appeared in photos together.

Mr. Sater even had a Trump Organization business card. His title? “Senior Advisor To Donald Trump”.

Sater allegedly preyed on the elderly, particularly Holocaust survivors.

Sater opened an investment firm on the penthouse floor of 40 Wall Street, a Trump-owned building in Manhattan. From there, according to federal prosecutors, Sater and his team set about laundering money for the mob and fleecing about $40 million from unwitting and largely elderly investors, a number of whom were Holocaust survivors. By the time law enforcement authorities eventually caught on to the 40 Wall Street operation, Sater had fled to Russia.”

Trump's method of due diligence was unconventional to say the least.

"It's not very hard to get connected to Donald if you make it known that you have a lot of money and you want to do deals and you want to put his name on it," Abe Wallach, who was the future president's right-hand man at the Trump Organization from 1990 to about 2002, told me in an interview. "Donald doesn't do due diligence. He relies on his gut and whether he thinks you have good genes."

Trump now claims that he has never met Sater

The Trumps, Kriss says, saw Sater "frequently" and valued the relationship because “Felix demonstrated that he was loyal to them.” He says that at one point Sater was meeting with the future president in his Trump Tower office multiple times a week. Sater, according to a later court deposition, said that his business conversations with Trump in that office were wide-ranging and frequent — “on a constant basis."