Trump Appointee: Black Women Think “Breeding Is A Form Of Employment”

Screengrab/The Big Picture RT/YouTube

Carl Higbie resigned in January after racist, sexist and otherwise unsettling statements were unearthed by CNN.

Former Trump administration official Carl Higbie resigned and apologized earlier this year after a series of his racist and sexist comments were widely published.

Now Higbie claims his words were taken out of context, and that he is being unfairly maligned in the media.

In 2016, allies of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign made Higbie the spokesman of the (Trump-aligned) Great America super-PAC. The following year, President Trump named Higbie chief of external affairs for the federal government’s volunteer service.

And then, CNN’s KFile unearthed Higbie’s reflections on the black race, and suggested that they might not befit the head of communications for the federal department that manages AmeriCorps. Shortly thereafter, Higbie resigned and apologized for his remarks, saying, “Those words do not reflect who I am or what I stand for, I regret saying them.”

After his resignation, Higbie went on to work the the Trump-aligned America First Policies – a nonprofit that promotes Trump’s policy agenda – as director of advocacy.

And now, it seems, Higbie feels much less remorseful about the comments for which he previously apologized.

In a Friday interview with the “John Fredericks Show,” a local radio program based in Virginia, Higbie argued that it was grossly unfair for CNN to suggest that his remarks about the black race were prejudiced, saying, “I made a statistical observation, they think that’s racist.”

Here is a sampling of the statements that Higbie claims were taken out of context:

  • "I believe wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, that the black race as a whole, not totally, is lazier than the white race, period."
  • "We're promoting birth control to a black woman because of the incredibly high rate of children born out of wedlock that are under-cared for or not cared for at all. The taxpayers are tired of supporting government checks going to these people who think that breeding is a form of employment. I'm sorry if black people are the majority of the targeted audience. They are, statistically they are."
  • "And I believe that this translates directly into the culture that is breeding this welfare and the high percentage of people on welfare in the black race. It's a lax of morality."

Higbie also defended his statement about veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder:

On Twitter Sunday, Higbie said he stood by comments he had made that 75% of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder were faking it. He later deleted that tweet and wrote instead, "I deleted my post on #veterans and #PTSD not because I backed away from it but b/c it is hard to articulate the depth of the issue in 200 or so characters."