President Donald Trump made crime committed by undocumented immigrants a signature issue of his campaign for President.

The President partnered with a group, the Houston-based Remembrance Project, which claimed to represent the interests of families whose members had been killed by undocumented immigrants.

Now, these families, who have already lost so much, are claiming that the Remembrance Project, as well as President Trump, exploited their grief for their own personal gain according to Politico.

Over a dozen families have left the Remembrance project after they felt the group had broken its promises to them. Two of these families even spoke at the Republican National Convention in favor of then-candidate Donald Trump.

The families claim that the Remembrance Project promised that would help them financially with the money raised via charities, including $52,000 raised by Mr. Trump and his help. The families assert that they have yet to receive any money from the group.

“We were used, abused and exploited, and what’s worse is that my son was used abused and exploited and is still being used, abused and exploited,” according to Brenda Sparks. Her son was killed by an undocumented immigrant while he was riding his motorcycle and the undocumented immigrant was driving.

“Trump used the Remembrance Project to get to us, and the Remembrance Project also used him,” Ms. Sparks said.

The Remembrance Project sold tickets to a luncheon event with Mr. Trump for $10,000 a piece. None of that money ever trickled to these family members.

“Nothing has moved me more deeply than the time I’ve spent with the families of the Remembrance Project,” Trump said at the event.

It appears that both President Trump and the group’s founder Maria Espinoza, both saw in each other a vehicle for their own personal ambitions.

“As Trump became more popular, she started wanting more of a public presence,” said Maureen Maloney. Her son was killed by an undocumented immigrant who was driving while intoxicated.

Ms. Espinoza is now reportedly mulling a run for office.