Trump Adviser Smears Active Duty Green Beret In Disinformation Scheme


Mercedes Schlapp attacked Brianna Keilar in an op-ed, maligning Keilar's husband in the process.

Senior Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp launched an attack on CNN host Brianna Keilar by way of a commentary piece on Friday, which Schlapp used to malign Keilar’s husband — an active duty Green Beret.

  • Keilar and Schlapp went head-to-head earlier this week in an on-air discussion about mail-in voting that ended with the CNN host saying, “This is just pointless, okay? This is pointless. I get it, you’re just saying a bunch of crap. Okay? You’re saying a bunch of crap.”
  • Schlapp attempted to hit back at Keilar in writing, with a piece claiming that the host was dishonest in her characterization of universal vote-by-mail. But Schlapp made it personal by mentioning Keilar’s husband and making untrue and misleading claims about him.
  • “I was further disturbed to learn that Brianna Keilar’s husband is a ferocious opponent of the president, a former director of the National Security Council under President Obama, and a man who tweets, among other things, that Donald Trump makes him ‘throw up.’” Schlapp wrote.
  • Keilar responded with a statement posted to Twitter, which began: “Your op-ed is riddled with lies, Mercedes, but most despicable is you trying to character assassinate my husband, an active duty military officer, and mistaking him for someone else in the process.”
  • She went on to note that the tweet Schlapp referenced was not written by her husband and explain that he stayed on after Obama to work under the Trump administration.


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