Trump Administration To Shutter Stars & Stripes, A Voice For Troops Since 1861

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead / Public Domain


Stars and Stripes, a newspaper for American troops, reportedly will cease being published at the end of the month.

The Trump administration reportedly is moving to pull funding from Stars and Stripes, a newspaper for American troops that began during the Civil War.

Kathy Kiely, the Lee Hills Chair for Free Press Studies at the Missouri School of Journalism, notes in an op-ed for USA Today:

In a heretofore unpublicized recent memo, the Pentagon delivered an order to shutter Stars and Stripes, a newspaper that has been a lifeline and a voice for American troops since the Civil War. The memo orders the publisher of the news organization (which now publishes online as well as in print) to present a plan that “dissolves the Stars and Stripes” by Sept. 15 including "specific timeline for vacating government owned/leased space worldwide.”

“The last newspaper publication (in all forms) will be September 30, 2020,” writes Col. Paul Haverstick Jr., the memo’s author.

The first Stars and Stripes rolled off presses Nov. 9, 1861 in Bloomfield, Missouri when forces headed by Ulysses Grant overran the tiny town on the way to Cape Girardeau. A group of Grant’s troops who had been pressmen before the war set up shop at a local newspaper office abandoned by its Confederate sympathizer publisher. Since then Stars and Stripes has launched the careers of famous journalists such as cartoonist Bill Mauldin and TV commentator Andy Rooney.

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