Trump Admin Won’t Require NRA, Other Groups To Disclose Donors To Tax Officials

Megan Everts

A new policy will allow some tax-exempt organizations to no longer have to disclose donors' identities to tax officials.

A policy that the Trump administration is set to finalize this week will allow “some tax-exempt organizations, such as the National Rifle Association,” to “no longer have to disclose their major donors' identities to federal tax officials,” reported CNN.

  • Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have fought in favor of this policy, arguing that “disclosing the information -- even just to the IRS -- could subject contributors to harassment.”
  • In addition to the NRA, this change will affect various other organizations “across partisan lines,” such as the US Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and “parts of the network aligned with Kansas billionaire Charles Koch.”
  • Furthermore, groups “at the center of November's presidential election” such as America First Policies, which backs Trump, and Priorities USA, which backs Joe Biden, will be affected by this.

However, there is great opposition to the implementation of this policy.

  • For example, “election watchdogs have cried foul, saying the change strips federal tax regulators of the ability to easily scrutinize donations and could leave US elections vulnerable to infiltration by foreign interests.”
  • Although the new rule would still require nonprofits to “have to retain records on their donors” so “the IRS can request on a case-by-case basis,” Lisa Gilbert, an official with the left-leaning Public Citizen, argues that this is not good enough: “They are basically saying: 'We trust you to do this yourselves' with basically no evidence that bad actors will abide."

With these new changes taking place, Meredith McGehee, who runs the watchdog group Issue One, said that “the responsibility now falls to Congress” to “ensure foreigners aren't using opaque tax-exempt organizations to meddle in our election.”

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