Trump Admin’s $5.6M Coronavirus Aid Package To Russia Includes Ventilators

President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, July / CC BY 4.0


The U.S. reportedly sent 50 ventilators to Russia on Thursday and will deliver an additional 150 this week.

In late May, the United States sent 50 ventilators to Russia, and another 150 ventilators are set to head to Moscow this week, according to an NPR report. The US Embassy called the delivery “rapid fulfillment” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request made during a phone call with President Donald Trump.

US ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said, “The United States and Russia have provided assistance to each other in the past, and I have no doubt will do so in the future.”

This is not the first time these two countries have supported each other during the pandemic.

  • In April, Russia delivered “coronavirus-related equipment to the United States.”

  • Russian state news described the delivery as humanitarian aid, but the U.S. insists it purchased the equipment. The Kremlin says that the two countries split the cost of the supplies.

  • The ventilators provided by Russia were made by a company under U.S. sanctions, and the U.S. returned the ventilators after the same model caused two hospital fires in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Based on data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Russia has 317,000 cases and 3,099 deaths. The Kremlin believes it has effectively warded off the impending disaster that many European nations and the United States have faced.

Russian officials cite the country’s low death toll, compared to the United States’ high numbers, as a measure of their own success. However, many critics of the Russian government question the true number of cases and deaths and have blasted Russia for sending supplies abroad as its own healthcare workers complain of equipment shortages at home.

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