Trump, adding to the bonafides of the U S attaining Third World Status

More profiting off of the misery, suffering and death of humans, dispensing with human rights concerns

The Sins of Defense Contractors and Republican Backers

Trump, like Bush II and Ronald Reagan, has continued the policy of paying millions and billions of dollars to defense contractors for causing pain, misery and death and we, the taxpayers, will pay for it now and later when more consequences will emerge. Now, they are picking on children and infants.

How about sending the National Guard in to rescue the prisoners from the defense contractors and to protect the protesters?

Since my Representatives in Kansas do not really care about the people's ideas, I sent a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein. It proposes a different way of managing refugees. Here is the letter:

"Dear Senator Feinstein,

Since I am from Kansas, i do not waste time trying to talk to my Representatives and Senators.

I have had an idea about how to manage refugees. It would require cooperating with our border nations. It could also be expanded to other nations as well.

My idea is to set up international cities that would be located in both the U S and Mexico, where refugees seeking asylum can go for protection. They would not be just a burden, as it is seen by some, to Americans. All nations could contribute to the care and resources needed by persons seeking a home free of violence and poverty. This is like sanctuary cities, but under the support and control of all democratic nations who cooperate in this effort. This could be done instead of building a damaging useless wall.

Residents can become internationalists in these cities and could choose where they want to go to live and they can learn the language and about the culture and obtain training and education as needed for them to move into another nation.

These cities would be neutral zones and protected from all predators.

Thanks for listening."

Robert G Heckler, LSCSW 6/19/18

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)