Trump Accuses The Justice Dept. Of Being A Part Of The ‘Deep State’

Talk of 'deep state' in the U.S. generally takes place among far-right and far-left groups - not presidential tweets.

During morning tweet session on Tuesday, President Donald Trump referenced the "Deep State Justice Department" while calling for Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and former FBI director James Comey to be jailed. The term 'deep state' is rarely used outside of far-right and -left groups in the U.S.

The president’s reference Tuesday to “Deep State Justice Dept” suggests that federal law enforcement is part of an entrenched bureaucracy that Trump and his supporters say didn’t want him to be elected and is actively working to undermine his presidency.

Trump has taken issue with the Justice Department in the past and consistently disparages special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe as a "hoax", but calling out his own DOJ as part of a secret, shade government is a new level of escalation.

During a Tuesday press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders attempted to clarify the president's position:

"Obviously, he doesn't believe the entire Justice Department is part of [the deep state]," Sanders said adding that the President wants to "change the culture of the agency" and started doing that by appointing Christopher Wray as FBI director.