Trump; A Full Fledged Sociopath

Trump's clear cut symptoms of sociopathy and extreme narcissism

Trump is an extreme sociopath, driven entirely by his narcissism. He never does anything for any other reason than self benefit. Usually, it is for increased wealth and power.

If we examine closely, the behavior of Trump, it will reveal a selfish motive and no amount of harm to others will deter him from seeking his desires. It does not matter what Trump says, because he is only going to say what he thinks will help his cause in the moment. He is only going to cooperate with people who are "loyal" to him and that means they are going to help him get what he wants and if they don't, they are gone.

Sociopaths lie and sociopaths do not have empathy and to be clear, they don't care about anyone but themselves.

The prison camps that Trump has set up for refugees, the ones that have separated the children from their parents, is ran by defense contractors, who are going to be making billions of dollars off of our tax dollars. If we were allowed to follow the money, I think it is a sure bet that Trump will reap monetary rewards for this policy. That would be the real reason why this is being done. Trump will use people's fear and hatred of non-white people, to gain support for his selfish pursuit.

Trump is a sociopath. Those who support him are functionally sociopathic. 55 percent of Republicans support the separation of children from their parents, to deter refugees from coming to our border. This inability to recognize the cruelty of that, against people who are not criminals, in fact, trying to escape the grip of criminals, is a clear sign of sociopathic thinking.

The only way to stop this criminal president and the criminal gang of Republicans who support him, is to vote for all Democrats. If you do nothing else to advocate for the restoration of a sane, democratic government, do this.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)

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Yossarian Johnson
Yossarian Johnson


A large percentage of the population has been hypnotized by a very talented, and morally bankrupt, con man.