Trump: 9/11 Terrorists Have Been Treated More Fairly Than Me


President Trump pushed the idea that he has received less due process than the 9/11 terrorists.

President Donald Trump promoted the notion on Sunday that he has been afforded less due process than the terrorists behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, quoting conservative commentator Mark Levin, according to The Independent.

Trump took the opportunity to embellish Levin’s quote with “this is a corrupt process,” The Independent noted, and he “added a false reaction from Republican senator Doug Collins, claiming he replied: ‘Very much so!’”

The publication reported that while Collins appeared to nod in agreement with Levin’s statement, “his raised eyebrows suggested some shock at Mr Levin’s comparing the president to those responsible for the most infamous terror attack in American history.”

“I don’t believe this is ever happened before in American history,” Levin asserted. “The president is denied due process. I’m not talking about the Bill of Rights, I’m talking about the due process past presidents have had… basic Magna Carta-type due process that people are supposed to get.”

He continued: “The president gets less due process than the terrorists on 9/11 get. They get habeas corpus rights and all these other… the president gets no rights, no consideration. The Republicans, no rights. You just told me you couldn’t call a single witness.”

In fact, all 19 terrorists who perpetrated the attacks on 9/11 were killed aboard the planes they hijacked. Others involved in the planning “are serving life sentences or potentially facing the death penalty, with some suspects having been subjected to torture at Guantanamo Bay and CIA black sites,” The Independent noted. Several spent years in detention without being formally charged.

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This entire tRump administration has been corrupt from day one. Every appointment and executive order has been for building up his criminal organization!
The damage to the constitution that he has already done will take much time, and a Democrat as President, with a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate to repair!

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