Track Palin Arrested For Bashing Woman’s Head After She Tried To Leave His Home

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Track Palin told police the woman had caused her own injuries.

Track Palin, the son of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, hit a woman in the head after she attempted to leave his home last week, according to court documents.

NBC News reported that Track Palin, 29, is currently in jail facing misdemeanor charges, which include assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Last year, Palin was arrested for breaking into his parents’ home and attacking his father.

> A female acquaintance said Palin blocked the doorway when she tried to leave his house in the city of Wasilla on Friday night, according to an affidavit written by Alaska State Trooper Jason Somerville. She told authorities that he took her phone when she said she would call the police if she didn't let her leave.


> She said she made it to her car in the driveway but that Palin followed her and "was on top of her, hitting her in the head," the document said.


> They wrestled over the phone and he let her leave after she screamed for help, the affidavit said. Her arm had small scratches and the back of her head and neck were red, Somerville wrote.

When authorities spoke with Palin, he said any injuries the woman had she had caused herself and that the two had argued over how they said goodbye.

> Authorities said a trooper told Palin he was under arrest and tried to put his arm behind his back, but he tried to pull it forward. When two troopers tried to pull his arms back, he kicked over a coffee table, the document says. A trooper pulled him to the ground.


> After Palin was cuffed, troopers say they tried to put him in a vehicle but he "was pulling and shoving with his shoulder." He threw his head back toward a trooper's face, who moved to avoid getting hit, lost his balance and they both fell down, the documents say.


> Palin appeared in court Saturday, where a judge set a $500 unsecured bond with the condition of wearing a monitoring device if released.

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