Top German Politician Calls For The U.S. Ambassador To Be Expelled

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U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell has sparked several controversies in Germany since taking over the role.

One of Germany’s top politicians has called for the expulsion of U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell, accusing the American official of repeatedly “interfering” in Germany’s sovereignty, according to The Hill.

Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy chairman of the opposition Free Democratic Party, said Grenell’s actions warrant his removal by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

"Any U.S. diplomat who acts like a high commissioner of an occupying power must learn that our tolerance also knows its limits," said Kubicki.

The politician, who is also one of five deputy Speakers of Germany's Parliament, The Hill noted, made his comments after Grenell weighed in on Germany’s NATO spending on Tuesday, calling it insufficient.

Kubicki’s criticism this week is not the first time Grenell has faced controversy after taking over the ambassadorship.

His demand that Germany abandon the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia, accompanied by threats to sanction companies involved with the project, was met with criticism.

Likewise, Grenell’s comment to Breitbart News last year that he wanted to “empower other conservatives throughout Europe” was not well received.

Numerous left-leaning politicians insisted that his credentials be withdrawn following that interview.

The Hill said the State Department did not respond to a request for comment on Grenell’s most recent criticism.

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