Too Soon? Trump Exploits Amtrak Accident To Sell Infrastructure Plan

President Trump wasted no time politicizing the Amtrak derailment, but his budget proposal involved cuts to railways.

President Donald Trump used Monday's Amtrak derailment, which killed three people and injured many others, to tout a soon-to-be released infrastructure plan that will address America's crumbling "roads, tunnels, bridges, railways (and more)".

But the Trump administration already submitted its thoughts on infrastructure, and the plan included cuts to railway funding.

Trump often talked about a $1 trillion infrastructure plan when he was a candidate, and he included a $1 trillion private/public infrastructure investment in the 2018 budget his administration proposed to Congress in May. The plan called for $200 billion in spending in infrastructure, but it also also limited money to build new or expand existing lines and slashed subsidies for rural lines.

Overall, the budget request would slash railroad funding from the President Barack Obama era by almost 13%, according to The Washington Post.