Tom Cotton: If The U.S. Goes To War Against Iran, The U.S. Will Win Quickly


Sen. Cotton (R-AR) is confident that the U.S. would quickly defeat Iran if the two nations go to war.

In an interview with Firing Line, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) claimed that the United States would be able to swiftly defeat Iran if the two nations were to go to war.

“Two strikes, the first strike and the last strike” would be all it would take to defeat Iran, the senator said. While he did not advocate for going to war unless Iran attacked the U.S. or its allies first, he was extremely confident that American forces would have no problem with winning quickly.

He also said that he wanted the Iranian government to “rejoin the civilized world and stop supporting terrorism and trying to overthrow the governments of so many of its neighbors.”

Watch the full clip above.


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