To Protect Trump, The GOP Considers Ending 2020 Primaries Against Him

Donald Trump delivers his 2016 RNC speech.Nicolas Pinault/VOA/Public Domain


The move would effectively nix any meaningful challenge to President Trump in 2020.

According to Raw Story, the Republican National Committee’s resolution group has effectively cancelled the GOP primary in 2020.

Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller tweeted, “RNC Resolutions Committee just voted unanimously to “undivided support” for Trump and his “effective presidency,” clearing way for passage before full GOP governing body on Friday.”

The Committee bill will need to pass through the RNC in order to be adopted. The act would not stop anyone from running for president, but the RNC would not be able to endorse any of Trump’s opponents.

Although support among the GOP remains strong, Trump’s approval ratings are falling as people blame him for the government shutdown. As of now, any challenger could beat Trump in the general election.

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Wow, even they are on the payroll too. This is a big thing. Bad very bad

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