To Help Her Son, 61-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Own Grandchild

Cecilia EledgeCourtesy of Arielle Panowicz

Cecilia Eledge served as a surrogate mother for her son, Matthew, and his husband, Elliot.

According to Press Herald, a 61-year-old woman in Nebraska served as a surrogate for her son and his husband. She has just given birth to a baby girl.

When Matthew Eledge and Elliot Dougherty shared with their families that they wanted to be parents, Eledge’s mother and Dougherty’s sister offered to help them.

When Cecilia Eledge offered to help, she was 60 years old and had already gone through menopause.

She was approved to be a surrogate after extensive screening. Dougherty’s sister donated her egg and Eledge’s sperm was used to fertilize the egg.

Cecile gave birth at Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha last week, and the family has said they received nothing but support.