TN County School System Requires Parents To Sign ‘Death Waiver’ For Students

Screengrab / @theTNHoller / Twitter

Sarah Shaiman

Parents have until July 21 to opt-in to virtual learning for their children for the 2020-2021 school year.

Anderson County public schools in Tennessee are set to open on August 10 with a staggered return, according to 6 ABC Wate, and parents who want their children to attend in-person will have to sign what some are calling a “death waiver.”

  • The school district is planning to return fully in-person, though there is an opt-out online version in which parents can enroll their children instead of live classes.
  • However, a Tweet surfaced revealing the draconian contract parents are to sign if they wish to enroll their children in live classes.

@theTNHoller / Twitter

  • Parents are to waive the district from the responsibility of keeping their children safe during their time in school. The waiver establishes that parents are knowingly assuming risk by choosing to send their children to public school amid the pandemic.
  • In addition, masks are not required in school or on buses but will be provided by schools.
  • Parents may opt-in to the online-only version until July 21. It is unclear what will occur if parents miss the deadline and refuse to sign the waiver.
  • Anderson County School District spokesperson Ryan Sutton said, “We want to make sure we put the child first.” The district plans to have a live teacher for the virtual option.

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