Time to Rise Up and Put an End to the Cruel Dictator Trump

Think of one action a day that you can do to stop the cruel dictator, Trump

My action yesterday was to ask that Senator Moran call for the impeachment of Trump. My action today was to respond to his emailed excuse. This is his first response after numerous contacts.

I finally got an email from Jerry Moran, one of our Kansas Senators in D C. He was very condescending, explaining the impeachment process. I understand that the articles of impeachment have to start in the House, as was the case with Bill Clinton. I also understand that Republicans in D C know each other and talk to each other.

Moran can encourage his colleagues in the House to call for impeachment.

I called his office just now and explained that I did, in fact, know what the impeachment process is. I also explained that Trump is a dangerous man, employing very dangerous and secretive policies and that our country is going to look very different to us and the world if we don't stop him.

If you live in Kansas, please call Moran's office now, to keep the pressure on him to act and any others that you know who are in office right now. Moran's phone number in Hays, KS, is 785-628-6401. Call now, as the man says in the T V and radio ad or call your state's Senators and Representatives. Let them know you are outraged.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)