Tiffany Trump's Spring Break Trip To Serbia Cost Taxpayers At Least $23K

Tiffany Trump RNC / Public Domain

Tiffany Trump's trip to Serbia with her boyfriend was paid for by taxpayers.

According to This Insider, Tiffany Trump’s spring break trip to Serbia may have cost taxpayers as much as $23,000. Tiffany took her break from Georgetown Law School during the second week of March with her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, a London-based finance student.

A $23,000 purchase order from the State Department was requested for lodging in Serbia between March 7 and March 16. The order was titled “Acquisition of hotel accommodations in support of Tiffany Trump travel.” The order was allegedly for rooms at the Square Nine hotel. The hotel has 30 rooms that can be bought for a range of prices- from $300 a night to $1,600 a night.

Trump’s immediate family members are eligible for Secret Service protection when they travel. In the purchase order, Tiffany is called a “VIP” and a Senior High Level US Government Principal.

The order said the money would be used for security, communication, logistics, and operations. The order said the funds would be used for 120 hotel rooms, or 12 hotel rooms per night from March 7 to March 16.

Tiffany was believed to be traveling with her boyfriend, Michael Boulos. Boulos was raised in Nigeria and now attends school in London. The two met in Mykonos, Greece last summer, and Tiffany brought him to the White House for Thanksgiving the following November.

Before he entered office, Trump criticized presidential travel costs. Yet, a report from the Government Accountability Office found that Trump’s trips to Florida have cost taxpayers millions. More, the Secret Service costs for Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., totaled almost $400,000 for trips they took in January and February of 2017.