Thread: Here Are All Of The Ways Trump Sabotaged His 60 Minutes Interview

Screengrab / Donald J. Trump / Facebook


President Trump released his video of his '60 Minutes' interview with he has called "vicious."

President Trump broke his agreement with CBS News and on Thursday released his own video of his recent ‘60 Minutes’ interview with Lesley Stahl via Facebook.

As expected, what Trump described as a “vicious attempted 'takeout” interview of me” was actually replete with reasonable questions for an incumbent president.

At the outset, Stahl asked Trump if he was “okay with some tough questions,” to which he responded: “Just be fair,” before adding, “No, I’m not. You don’t ask Biden tough questions.”

  • What follows are some of the most interesting soundbites.

Trump: “We created the greatest economy in the history of our country.”

Stahl: “You know that’s not true.”

Trump: “It’s totally true. … You wouldn’t say to Biden what you just said to me, if he had it.”

  • On the pandemic:

Trump: “Cases are going up because we do so much testing. We have turned a corner. We understand the disease. We understand the elderly, and we’re taking care of them at a level like nobody’s ever taken care of the elderly.”

  • On suburban women:

Stahl: “Let me ask you something about suburban women. You said the other day to suburban women, ‘Will you please like me—”

Trump: “Oh I didn’t say that. You know, that’s so misleading the way—I say jokingly, ‘Suburban women, you should love me, because I’m giving you security and I got rid of the worst regulation.’”

Trump: “The way you said that is why people think of you and everyone else as fake news. … I said that in a joking way. The way you have it is like I’m begging. … That is such a misleading question, Lesley.”

Stahl: “The polls show that you’re behind with [suburban women.]”

Trump: “I doubt it. I really doubt it. I’m saving suburbia.”

  • Trump said Biden will “destroy suburbia” by bringing in low-income housing projects.
  • Suburban women “want security, they want safety,” Trump said, implying that low-income Americans are dangerous.
  • When Stahl said Trump’s rallies are not as big as they used to be, he said:

“You know, you’re so negative, you’re so negative. These are the biggest rallies we’ve ever had. You just come in here with that negative attitude.”

  • Stahl called Trump out on his alleged healthcare plan that is perpetually two weeks away from announcement, asking why Americans have yet to see it and why he has not developed a healthcare plan.
  • Trump said of his healthcare plan: “It is developed. It is fully developed. It’s going to be announced very soon, when we see what happens with Obamacare, which is not good.”

Stahl: “You keep saying that...why haven’t we seen it?”

Trump: “You have seen it. I’ve been putting out pieces all over the place, and we actually have plans. And 180 million people right now have a plan. And you haven’t been watching.”

  • When Trump said President Obama “spied on” his campaign, Stahl said: “This is ‘60 Minutes.’ And we can’t put on things we can’t verify.”
  • Toward the end, Trump accused Stahl of bringing up “a lot of subjects that were inappropriately brought up...right from the beginning.”
  • She asked: “You’re the president. Don’t you think you should be accountable to the American people?”
  • Trump later interjected, “Excuse me, Lesley, you started with me, your first statement was, ‘are you ready for tough questions?’ That’s no way to talk. No way to talk.”
  • Shortly after, Trump ended the interview, saying, “I think we have enough of an interview here. That’s enough. Let’s go.”

Watch the full video:


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