Thousands Of Milwaukee Voters Have Been Purged From Voter Rolls

Gage Skidmore / CC - 2.0 / Flickr

It is unclear how many of those voters were removed erroneously.

About 44,000 Milwaukee voters were purged from voter rolls -- some in error -- after Wisconsin began using a new process in its Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

At present it is unknown how many of those individuals were dropped from the rolls without merit.

"This is not a problem that has been caused at the local level," Mayor Tom Barrett said at a City Hall news conference.

Barrett said problems were caused by incorrect data provided by the state Department of Motor Vehicles and the U.S. Postal Service, leading some voters who haven't actually moved or changed addresses to be erroneously dropped from the rolls.

"We are very concerned with the number of legitimate voters whose records have been deactivated," Barrett said.

The Election Commission has approved supplemental poll lists that will include each voter dropped from voter rolls, and those voters will not have to re-register at the polls in order to vote.

Milwaukee previously purged thousands of voters from the rolls, dropping residents who had not voted recently enough to maintain active status:

Neil Albrecht, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, said the 44,000 voters dropped from the rolls came after another 40,000 voters were purged because they hadn't voted in the past four years. That means the number of registered voters in the City of Milwaukee dropped from about 330,000 to 246,000 total, he said.

"That number is about the lowest our voter registration records have been in the last 50 years in the City of Milwaukee," Albrecht said.

Barrett has reached out to Governor Scott Walker for assistance:

"The right to vote is fundamental, and exercising that right should be simple and fair," Barrett wrote.

Voters wishing to check their status should visit or call (414) 286-CITY (2489).