Thoughts from where I sit:

Democracy In Crisis: What the Trump Presidency is doing to America, it's Institutions and Society.

After one year of the chaotic and divisive administration of Donald Trump, here's what we know,so far.
His incessant prevarication is an historic first for a POTUS!
His penchant for both bigotry and misogyny are disturbing, to say the least and utterly reprehensible.
His rolling back of critical protections, across the spectrum of everything from consumers, workers and the environment are appalling.
His attacks upon the Judiciary, Intelligence Agencies and the Rule of Law are frightening and unprecedented, and seemingly align with those coming from outside foreign adversaries.
His dislike and disdain for People of Color, whether they be citizens or potential immigrants hasn't been seen in nearly a century.
His embrasure of the evangelical, fundamentalist Christian conservative ideals is dangerous to the separation of Church and State.
His immigration policy ideas are detrimental to the fabric of the nation and reflect his strong bigotry and that of his advisers and enablers.
His insulting allies and embracing those who are suspect in their wishes for America are deeply troubling and very disturbing.
His demanding loyalty from Congress, and all US agencies and Institutions is appalling and dangerous, as well as illustrating his utter lack of comprehension of how government operates and the separation of powers, installed in the US Constitution!
His mistaken notion that the stock market is the barometer of the economy shows a complete lack of understanding of economics.
The GOP tax cuts will do more harm than good to the vast majority of America, while enriching those already obscenely wealthy and inflate the deficit.
His desire to please his base at the cost of disregarding All Americans is pathetic and speaks to a serious character issue.
His attacks upon the majority of the media, who are not there to be cheerleaders, but rather the agencies of disseminating news and facts, is alarming, and on its face is exactly what tin pot despots and autocrats engage in.
He seemingly lacks the introspection, cognition, knowledge, nuance and work ethic required of the position he now holds.
His constant inability to let even the most minor of criticisms go without a twitter storm, usually in the wee hours, is juvenile at best and again speaks to his inability to understand and distinguish between what is important and what is distraction.
His positions on science, medicine, the environment and society are debilitating to our leadership at home and abroad, he has literally transformed the US into the laughingstock of the world.
While this is by no means a comprehensive compilation of the entire past years issues, hopefully it captures some of the more salient issues and highlights them.

In conclusion, if things don't change starting with the upcoming midterm elections, I foresee a bleak future for Democracy, both in the USA and around the world.