There Seems To Be A Common Denominator Among Trump's Interns

White House Spring Interns 2018White House / Public Domain

There is an indefatigable whiteness to all things Trump.

President Donald Trump came to office by feeding the racial resentments of his White working class voter base.

He has continued the same policies as President by failing to appoint minorities and women to his cabinet and judiciary.

Of Trump's 87 judicial picks, 92% have been White according to USA Today. Nearly all of Trump's cabinet is White and male.

Currently, the United States' population is 62% majority White. 50.8% of the country's population is female.

Of the 91 interns serving the White House this Spring, only a handful are non-White.

In the image released Friday, President Donald Trump smiles while posing alongside members of the intern program, who will perform duties including research, drafting memos, staffing events and fielding inquiries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, three-fifths of America’s population is non-Hispanic white. In the photograph, white interns appear to make up a far higher proportion of the group.

White House Spring Interns 2018White House / Public Domain