The White House Is Building A Massive “Anti-Climb” Wall Following Protests

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The public is being driven farther away from the White House as new "anti-climb" fencing is constructed.

A massive anti-climb wall is being built around the South Lawn of the White House, ending the days of leaning against the black barred fencing for a photo op, according to Business Insider.

  • The White House history website states that plans for a new perimeter with an “anti-climbing” component have been in the works since 2016.
  • However, Insider noted that a handful of perimeter changes have come amid unrest following the death of George Floyd as various other structures around the White House were installed to keep protesters out.

  • Katie Liming, a spokeswoman for the National Parks Service, told the news outlet “that the new wall is a ‘white temporary fence’ that is part of a broader ’fence replacement project.’”
  • Liming added: "The National Park Service and United States Secret Service began construction on a new White House fence in July 2019. Construction recently began on the south portion of the fence."
  • Insider reported that a decision on the new perimeter was made “in the summer of 2016 following the 2014 White House intrusion, when a man was able to climb over the north fence and make it to the front door with a knife before being stopped by an off-duty security officer.”

Read the full report at Business Insider, which shows the evolution of White House fencing over the years.


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