Robert Heckler

The growing disease of money in politics and it's potential to decimate democracy

When Russia was collapsing, Putin and others were grabbing up all of the money and assets, planning to take over the control of Russia, using those assets.

Putin and his blessed oligarchs are now using all of this massive wealth that they stole for the purpose of buying influence in the world. They want to get people over a barrel by giving them money. They are not just giving money. They are buying these people and then using them as tools for their takeover of the world.

We have seen Trump react to Putin in ways which reflect how much influence he has over Trump. We know he has had secret phone calls and meetings with Putin, where he would not allow anyone else in the room and we still don't have reports over what was discussed, which could be verified.

Trump should not be picking judges at any level. He should not be allowed to make big decisions until this is cleared up. We are talking about treason of course. Should a person, who is clearly being treasonous, right before our eyes, be allowed to continue as president? Of course not.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)


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