The President Of France Praises John Lewis, Embraces Him

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted Wednesday that he was "very honored" to be with Rep. John Lewis in Washington.

During his visit to the United States, French President Emmanual Macron visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. with civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis.

The Democratic congressman from Georgia, a civil rights icon himself, and the visiting dignitary were seen viewing the inscriptions of King quotes at the memorial in a video posted to theFrench Embassy's Facebook page.

The two leaders visited at the same time as an unsuspecting group of students from Vermont. Macron praised Lewis' work in the Civil Rights Movement to the students, urging them to carry on his legacy.

"You can be proud of this guy," the French President told them. "It's not just about history books; it's about real persons."

Macron also tweeted a video of the two men embracing, saying he was "very honored" to have Lewis "by my side in the streets of Washington."