The Pentagon Is Developing A Neural Implant That Can Help Recover Memories / Public Domain

The Researchers’ goals are to develop a neural implant that can help people suffering from memory loss.

According to Popular Mechanics, a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded research pilot could soon create a neural implant that could help recover memories.

A trial on 15 patients at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center showed that a “prosthetic memory” implant improved patients’ short-term memory by an average of 35 percent. Lead researcher Robert Hampson said, "We were not surprised to find that this worked, what surprised us was how successful it was."

The patients were already part of an epilepsy treatment program, which involved electrodes implanted in their brains. Researchers used these electrodes to map neuron activity when, in their time off, researchers asked patients to play simple memory games.

The researchers want to find a way to restore the memories of those who suffered from traumatic brain injuries, strokes, Alzheimer’s, or other diseases.

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