The NRA’s Dana Loesch: Journalists 'Need To Be Curb-Stomped'

Resurfaced video from 2016 shows the NRA's Dana Loesch saying she would be "happy" to see journalists "curb-stomped".

In footage from 2016 that resurfaced following Thursday’s shooting at Capitol Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland where a gunman killed five people and injured several others, National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch can be heard calling journalists the “rat bastards of the earth” and saying she would enjoy if they were “curb-stomped”.

From The Independent:

Shaun King, a civil rights activist and writer, shared an old clip of Ms Loesch berating journalists on Twitter in the wake of the Maryland tragedy.

“1. Let's be clear here. The NRA's @DLoesch has absolutely called for journalists to be beaten to death,” Mr King said on Twitter alongside a clip of her on NRATV.

“She denies it, but the record is clear. It's just that she's so flippant with such violent threats that she has perhaps lost touch with what she has said.”

Loesch denied having made the remarks, responding to King by calling him “a ghoul attempting to blame me for this psycho who took his obsession out on a newspaper staff.”

But the video clip doesn’t lie.

Ms Loesch, who is a spokesperson for the largest gun lobbying group in the US, said: “I’m happy frankly to see them curb-stomped. I mean let's be real about it.”

“These people are just the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to the American political system right now with the way that they cover so many things. Nobody gets a fair shake on policy, no one gets a fair shake where it concerns immigration. They conflate illegal and legal immigration.

“They conflate a number of things – particularly the coverage on gun control. I have so many things that I hate about mainstream media, there is no way we are going to fit it in the allotted time today. They are the rat bastards of the earth. They are the boil on the backside of American politics.”

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