Robert Heckler

Current approach to the constitution is fostering corruption leading to poverty and a breakdown of our institutions.

The Need for a New Constitution

We have a nation that is divided. We have the folks who are all about themselves, and possibly some of their family members. Those folks have the view that it is every person for themselves. They view life as totally competitive and they are determined to be on top and if they are not, they will at least try to look like they are.

Then we have the folks who have an ethic which directs them to help others and that is paramount. They are oriented by the principle of cooperation. The idea is that if we help each other, it will make life better for all of us.

Then we have the changers. If it appears to be better to be a competitor, they will do that. If it appears that it is better to cooperate, they will do that.

This is a look at our politics, in terms of how people vote. This is why we have a constant tug of war. We need to correct the Republican's constant manipulation of the democratic process which undermined Obama and kept Obama from appointing numerous judges to the court which then allowed Trump's Russian victory to be the path to McConnell and others filling all of the judgeships that were blocked by them previously. This is corruption, manipulation and definitely would not make up a pennies worth of ethics.

It is not so much the sentiment of the constitution that needs changed. It is the process that has evolved, along with capitalism, that prevents the sentiment of the constitution from unfolding. Clearly what we have is now inadequate in our complex world.

If we had a party for every concern that we have such as; the environment party, the business party, the energy party, the jobs party, the education party, the health care party and so on, then we could elect representatives for each party and all parties would have to go to the table and come to a consensus about all policies to be adopted. It would lose the zero sum game approach that we now have, where we always have winners and losers.

What do you think? Don't just say automatically that it won't happen. Actually think about what you think would work better. (IMAGINE) The picture above shows what happens when you have selfish interests controlling our government. No one shows up to help those is dire circumstances, because they are too busy making money off of "government deals."

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)


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