The Market For Luxury Bunkers Is Booming


Personalized disaster preparation has become a multi-million dollar industry in recent years.

Americans of all political stripes — and in some cases no stripes at all — are buying up doomsday shelters at an impressive rate, according to The New York Times.

One thing they all have in common? Plenty of money to spend and a desire to survive the apocalypse.

A new brand of real estate developers — doomsday capitalists, as the Times calls them — are purchasing land in the Midwest, often in areas where the U.S. government once stored nuclear warheads underground.

These ready-made bunkers, now emptied of their bombs and on the market, are purchased, flipped and sold to eager buyers concerned “by a seemingly endless stream of new and revamped threats, from climate change to terrorism, cyberattacks and civil unrest.”

Though Americans have readied for societal collapse in the past — notably during the Cold War and in anticipation of Y2K — personalized disaster preparation has become a multi-million dollar industry in recent years, the Times said.

Developer Larry Hall, who appears to lead the pack, “converted a former military nuclear missile vault into a luxury condominium built 15 stories into the Earth’s crust,” offering 12 apartments for sale with a starting price of $1.3 million.

He sold the entire dozen within months of listing them in 2011, he told the Times.

And these are not minimalist condos: they boast high ceilings, spacious living rooms, a swimming pool, saunas and movie theater.

“I’m saving lives,” Hall said. “To me, this is something to feel good about.”

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good luck getting to your shelter when everything collapses. lol

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