The Latest Press Release From The President Of The United States

The President of the United States just released the following statement to the American people.

What qualifies as an official press release by the Trump White House:

  1. All of Trump's tweets are 'official statements' .
  2. Whenever Trump tweets his statements they are automatically rendered into official White House press release format by a bot.
  3. The release is then issued as an official statement to the public as all press releases are. To be clear, these are press releases.

No. 1-3

That's what I was thinking Dragonflyfarm... this can't be serious. If it is; the man needs to be taken away and put into a Lunatic Asylum... indefinitely.... before he can do any more damage. Does he have nothing better to do with his time? What is it with him? The saying goes ' Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'... and this is the President of the United States behaving like a teenage girl? Get a grip man.


Is this a joke?