The Koch Network Will Not Back Trump For Re-Election In 2020

Screengrab/Wall Street Journal/YouTube

Brothers Charles and David Koch—wealthy conservative donors—have indicated they won't support Trump's re-election bid.

The conservative influence of the Koch political network will not be helping President Trump in his 2020 reelection campaign. According to the Washington Post, the Koch operation told donors that it plans to stay out of the race but will continue to advocate for certain policies and other candidates which support policies that the network favors, similar to the path taken in the 2016 election. The network will make:

“significant investment to support policy champions in Senate, House and state races, build broad-based policy coalitions, and to launch a major new initiative to fight poverty in America.” -Koch network spokesman, James Davis

The Koch network chairman, Brian Hooks had also emailed The Washington Post earlier this month claiming that the network was focusing on policies related to income inequality, the “overhaul” of the criminal justice system, and a solution for dreamers.

The move by the Koch network also incited upset within the Republican party. According to a letter sent by the RNC to donors, the party viewed Koch motivations as putting business interests before the party and deemed it as unacceptable. However, the operation had largely pushed that it was considering working with both parties to achieve its policy goals within the past year.

This move also follows online feuds between Charles Koch and President Trump this summer when the President called the Koch brothers globalist and claimed that they did not support his trade plans because of business interests.