The Current Job Landscape in America


This article briefly describes the current job situation in America.

America is a nation obsessed with jobs. When polled, a majority of American citizens rank job creation as a big influence when determining who they will vote for in local and national elections. Unfortunately, the promises made by politicians do not usually pan out the way the average American citizen would hope. Though the current president has made some inarticulate statements about the matter, such as “I will be the greatest jobs president,” nothing has been done to actually stimulate economic growth in America. In fact, most decisions being made in recent years will only harm the working class.

If you are interested in the current job landscape in American and what needs to be done to make lasting improvements, now is the perfect time to learn more. Take a moment to explore these details and discover how you can find a new career path.

Automation and Digitization

There are two distinct schools of camp that exist when it comes to the future of jobs. Typically, one group is supportive of the automation and digitization of jobs in the future, while the other group is strongly opposed. The fear among opposition is that automating jobs like cashier positions in big box stores will reduce how many available jobs exist. Those in favor of automation point out that cashier positions are usually offered an incredibly low wage that is impossible to live off of in the first place and that automation will help focus emerging job opportunities.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, it is difficult to deny the fact that automation will be a leading conversation in the future. While it might seem like the most pressing point to focus on, what is more concerning is how many large corporations opt to send work to other countries in order to take advantage of cheaper labor and a lack of laws dictating the ethical treatment of workers. In order for things to turn in the right direction, leaders of industry need to focus their efforts on creating real jobs with livable wages in America.


It is not always easy to tell how the economy is handling because there are countless factors involved. In fact, it seems as if there are long periods where everything appears to be fine until a sudden disruption causes a number of issues. This is most apparent in industries that fluctuate a lot. The restaurant industry, for example, tends to take a big hit when the economy is in a bad position. People eat out less when they have to control their budgets and this has a negative impact on local businesses.

However, there are plenty of industries that fare better during periods when the economy is somewhat unstable. For example, an industry like transportation is always looking for qualified experts to join their ranks. Truck driving jobs are typically a good place to search for work when the economy is in a tumultuous place. If you already have the proper licensing and can handle sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle for long stretches of time, then this might be the best fit for you when you’re searching for some consistent work.

New Positions

Another reason the economy can seem like it is in a constant state of flux is because old industries often start to fade and crumble as new areas of industry emerge. Lately, this is happening at a faster pace due to advancements made in the world of tech. New jobs are always being created, but the people who have the skills required to handle these positions do not exist in the numbers needed. By focusing on the future, you will have an easier time understanding the most viable career options.

Finding a job in the current economic landscape is not always an easy endeavor. To see the greatest success from your efforts, take time to educate yourself on the nation’s economy and get a more in-depth understanding of the factors that dictate your ability to find a position you qualify for.


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