The Covington Diocese Barred A Gay Valedictorian From Speaking At His Graduation

Screengrab/LOCAL 12/YouTube

Christian Bales was denied the opportunity to deliver his graduation speech at Holy Cross High School last year.

Holy Cross High School alumnus Christian Bales was not surprised by the recent incident in Washington, D.C. that dragged a neighboring Catholic high school into a national controversy, according to NBC News.

After all, Bales found himself caught up in a controversy tied to the the Diocese of Covington, when it barred him from delivering his graduation speech as Valedictorian of his class.

Bales is also openly gay.

In May of last year, the Catholic diocese ruled just hours before Holy Cross High School's graduation that the openly gay valedictorian and the student council president could not give their planned speechesat the Covington school's official graduation ceremony.

Determined to make their voices heard, the valedictorian, Christian Bales, and the student council president decided to give their speeches anyway. After the official ceremony, the pair grabbed a megaphone and spoke to a crowd of students and families on the school’s lawn. Bales' speech, which was posted to social media, quickly went viral.

Though Bales said he was unsure why he was barred from giving his speech and a Diocese of Covington spokesman said at the time the decision had nothing to do with his sexual orientation, many believe being gay is what cost Bales the opportunity.

The former student disputed the official explanation, which was that their speeches were "were political and inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church”.

As for the most recent incident — viral videos of students appearing to disrespect a Native American elder at a rally in D.C. — Bales said “it was only a matter of time” before something like this happened:

“I was not surprised at all,” Bales plainly told NBC News when asked for his reaction to last week's D.C. confrontation. “It was only a matter of time that something this school community did would blow up to this degree, and I think they need to be held accountable.”

Bales claims Covington Catholic is "notorious for being a not-well-disciplined school," and he described the Diocese of Covington as "archaic."

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