The Christian Post Publishes Op-Ed Calling For Trump's Removal From Office


Within the span of one week, two Christian publications released articles calling for Trump's removal from office.

For the second time within a week, a Christian publication has released an opinion piece calling for President Donald Trump’s removal from office.

The Christian Post published an op-ed by Paul D. Miller, a former White House staffer under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, arguing that the Constitution is more important than supporting a pro-life president.

“While Trump has an excellent record of appointing conservative judges and advancing a prolife agenda, his criminal conduct endangers the Constitution,” Miller wrote. “The Constitution is more important than the prolife cause because without the Constitution, prolife advocacy would be meaningless.”

“Our democratic Constitution — adopted to “secure the blessings of liberty” for all Americans — is what guarantees that our voice matters,” he continued. “Without it, we can talk about the evils of abortion until we are blue in the face and it will never affect abortion policy one iota.”

It is the Constitution’s “guarantees of free speech, free assembly, the right to petition the government, regular elections, and the peaceful transfer of power” that forces the government to listen to its citizens, Miller argued, calling Trump a “threat to our Constitutional order.”

The impeachment inquiry revealed that Trump “abused a position of public trust for private gain, the definition of corruption and abuse of power,” he wrote, and that the president also “refused to comply with Congress’s power to investigate his conduct, a fundamental breach of the checks and balances that is the bedrock of our Constitutional order.”

“Trump’s acquittal (coupled with Clinton’s, in 1999) would mean that, over time, a future president can abuse his power, obstruct justice, commit perjury, profit from office, defy Congress, ignore subpoenas, seize Congress’ power of the purse, never reveal tax records, admit to sexual assault, violate campaign finance laws, intimidate witnesses, and disregard truth with impunity, firm in the knowledge that he faces no accountability, no check, no balance, no consequence, and no higher law.”

The Constitution would become “powerless,” Miller said, and the “American experiment in free government would give way, more or less, to an elective monarchy.”

“For the sake of our intellectual honesty, Christians should try this thought experiment: Would we trade the Constitution for a prolife monarch? Some might genuinely answer “yes” because of the depth of the evils of abortion,” the academic wrote. “They would welcome the efficiency and firmness of a single monarchical declaration outlawing abortion once and for all. But those who are tempted to trade away the Constitution misunderstand monarchy.”

“The problem comes when the monarch dies and hands power to someone else,” Miller noted, adding that “without a Constitution to constrain monarchs, we have no way of guaranteeing that the next one will be prolife. Indeed, the next one might not like Christians at all. The next one might not even respect our religious liberty.”

Miller concluded: “For the sake of the country, the Constitution, for equal justice under law, for the future of the prolife cause, Trump must be convicted and removed from office.”

The op-ed came on the heels of an article by Christianity Today’s editor-in-chief Mark Galli last week, who argued for Trump’s removal from office on moral grounds.

Galli took much heat from the evangelical community over the editorial, including from Franklin Graham — the son of well-known evangelist Billy Graham, who founded the Christian magazine in 1956.

Read Miller’s full op-ed.


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