The Chaos President: Trump’s Cabinet Turnover Breaks 100-Year Record

(Office of the President of the United States/Public Domain)

President Trump's Cabinet has seen more turnover than any other president going back 100 years.

President Donald Trump -- who loves to proclaim himself the biggest, most, or best of nearly any topic at hand -- officially has the most chaotic of Cabinets, going back 100 years.

No elected first-term president in the past 100 years has had this much Cabinet turnover this early in his presidency. And going back to Ronald Reagan, the churn in top-level staff in the Trump White House is off the charts.

"There will always be change, and I think you want to see change," Trump said Thursday, not quite tamping down the latest rumors of possible Cabinet departures. "And I want to also see different ideas."

Going back as far as President Woodrow Wilson, the Trump administration has seen more Cabinet-level turnover than any other president at this stage of the presidency.

In just under 14 months on the job, Trump has had more Cabinet turnover than 14 of his predecessors had in their first two years. Trump has already tied Presidents Ford and Harding, with three departures each. Ronald Reagan had four Cabinet departures and they all came well into his second year in office.

It seems that Americans (and maybe even those inside the Trump White House) are often left wondering, "Who's next?"