The Biggest Con in U S History

How long before we take action against the Trump Con?

Trump is compromised with Putin and Russian Oligarchs. Trump is catering to Putin's wants, with no consideration as to what is good for the USA.

Trump is selling us out, right before our eyes.

No one wants to say this out loud. It is as plain as day and people are still being "cautious." We are in the pot of hot water and Trump and Putin keep turning up the heat.

We have to now demand that Trump be stopped, and the constitution is ill equipped to provide us with a solution. We have to realize that we are in a crisis and since the Republicans won't solve this, the people must take over and demand it.

Trump is damaging our relationship with Canada, Mexico and the European Nations, while cozying up to Russia, North Korea and China. Trump has been surrounded by other Russian oligarch cohorts. He has never gone after them for election hacking and a propaganda campaign. His fellow thugs began immediately trying to stop the sanctions against Russia and now he is pushing to get Russia back in the G7. It seems very likely that all of this connects with Trump's business interests.

We must open our eyes. It is time to pull the plug on Trump and his damaging decisions.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)