The Ark Encounter Will Sue Its Insurers For Not Covering Flood Damage

OlinEJ / Pixabay / CC0

"The Ark Encounter" is supposedly a replica of Noah’s ark, a vessel that saved all animals from drowning.

Ken Ham’s company is suing its insurance for not providing flood coverage, according to the Friendly Atheist. The Ark Encounter is a replica of Noah’s ark. After a massive rainstorm destroyed a nearby road, costing Ark Encounter almost $1,000,000 in damages, insurance only agreed to cover a portion of the expenses.

Ark Encounter’s parent company “consulted with geotechnical engineers” to resolve the issue.

The costly solution involved ”repairs to the supporting base of the roadway, repaving and construction of the road, installation of guard railing adjacent to the road to replace lost fencing, remediating the damaged grading, installation of drainage structures, and construction of the drilled shaft retaining wall along a portion of the road…”

According to the lawsuit, “the Defendants have failed to meet their Policy obligations and failed to handle Plaintiffs’ claim properly and in good faith, causing Plaintiffs to incur significant additional loss and expense.”

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