Texas Sues Harris County Over Plan To Send Mail-In Ballot Applications


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is seeking to keep the Harris County clerk from mailing unsolicited applications.

According to The Houston Chronicle, “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit to prevent Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from sending unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to more than two million registered voters.”

  • Paxton said in a statement released Monday that the mailings are a “blatant violation” of the state’s election laws, because Texas reserves them for a select few categories of voters.
  • "Under Texas election law, mail-in ballots are reserved for a few limited categories of qualified voters who are age 65 and older and voters who are disabled,” the statement says.
  • The Chronicle noted that concerns over COVID-19 do not qualify voters to receive a mail-in ballot, after the state’s Supreme Court said such fears do not constitute a disability.
  • Further, Paxton said mailing applications to all voters would “sow confusion.”

"Election officials have a duty to reject mail-in ballot applications from voters who are not eligible to vote by mail," Paxton said in the statement "Unfortunately, instead of protecting the integrity of our democratic process, the Harris County Clerk decided to knowingly violate election laws by preparing to send over two million ballot applications to many Texans who do not qualify and have not requested to vote by mail."

  • Hollins responded by saying in a statement, “our lines of communication are open.”

"If the Secretary of State would take the time to meet with us instead of jumping into court, they would see that the information we plan to share with voters provides clarity about voters' rights and eligibility to vote by mail," Hollins' said in the statement.

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